Our mission is to be the ideal partner on your product development journey



We provide your business with the important data it needs to optimise operations, take less risk and do smart productive work.


Autocad Drawings

At Designocare, we provide international grade CAD modeling at competent prices. Our clients are able to focus on their core competences such as design and presentation and maximize the productivity of their internal resources while we take care of their drafting needs. Not only this, but outsourcing AutoCAD drafting with Designocare gives you the advantage of unparalleled turn around time.


3D Scanning

Designocare offers low cost high resolution 3D digitizing services ideal for reverse engineering and dimensional control.

We have blue light and white light scanners, helping us scan complicated geometries and make a replica of your part.



Ideas must be put to the test, that’s why we make prototypes; otherwise they will never be more than ideas. Rapid prototyping gives us the ability to test and examine ideas and developments throughout your project. This is the best way to guard against unnecessary risks and expensive mistakes. So we see prototyping as absolutely key to the success of product design – giving you the opportunity to see your product come to life in physical form in the most cost effective manner.



We design products that are fit for market and purpose, and we achieve this through continuous iteration and refinement. Once we’ve established what is needed to make your product efficient and indispensible, we spare no effort to adjust and refine the design until it reaches its full potential. We incorporate the use of advanced engineering software, Fusion 360, into our design process to create products that are beautiful, functional, reliable and manufacturable.


Soft Tooling

We work with the latest technology to develop optimised, plastic moulded parts. Often including injection moulding tooling in our product design process, we can expedite your journey to manufacture through expert tool development and multi-cavity scale-up.


Customised Gifts

Every business or individual needs customised gifts to cherish its loved ones, customers, clients, business associates, financial partners and employees. Customised gifts help to forge new business relationships and fortify existing ones.

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